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Specialist Services

These are a few examples of the services we offer to increase the longevity and performance of equipment such as guttering.

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Guttering Protection System

Having gutter protection decreases the possibility of occurring blockages and increases the efficiency of water draining away, avoiding overflows.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

We have managed the installation of solar panels around the Wimbledon area and we work with accredited national companies. The engineers are qualified and experienced individuals who are highly skilled at implementing this long term cost saving solution.

Thermal solar Panels

We oversee and manage the installation of Thermal panels to provide an environmentally efficient and long-term cost effective water heating solution. The qualified engineers install the Thermal Panels on a bespoke base which is weighted against unthinkable gale force winds. The base is designed to accommodate the panel and to ensure that the roof is not compromised or damaged to cause future inconvenience and expense.

Intensive Jet-washing – Biogradable Products

We have equipment rated as the best on the market and offers up to 200-300 psi pressure to remove dirt, debris and even gum and graffiti.With this service we can provide one-off or annual jet washing of tennis courts, patios, pathways, decking and garden furniture including stone sculptures and all types of feature fountains.

After pathways and drives have been cleaned we are able to seal and protect floor to prevent corrosion and the build up of moss and lichen.

Supplier video: shows equipment used by Jor.Dan for an effective jet wash.

Natural Perimeter Security

Natural but effective deterrents for the security of your property perimeter.